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With strong relationships to innovative European Medical Device manufacturers, AGI.medical’s vision is to introduce surgical medical devices with a proven clinical benefit to the US market . We are convinced that our products will improve patient outcome, and address economic concerns by providing solutions that address long-term complications.


The AGI.medical team possesses decades of sales and marketing experience in the medical device industry, both in the US and Europe.


Our promise is to supply hospitals and surgery centers with the best products for the best price. We guarantee to do everything to remain your supplier of choice.

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Insertion aid for circular staplers


The use of circular staplers for re-anastomosis of colon and rectum poses the risk of sphincter lesions, rupture of the inner sphincter and lesions or tears in the mucosal folds. 


Up to 36% of all patients suffer temporary anal incontinence ("soiling"), while 18% of patients suffer from sphincter injuries.

m-protect®3 offers a rounded head for the dilation of the sphincter and protection of the stapler chamber from feces.


It is available in three sizes and fits all circular staplers.

Unique FistulaRasper System


Fistulae have a documented low healing, yet high recurrence rate. The epithelial lining within the fistula tract harbors bacteria and produces mucus.

  • Fisturasper® is a new type of rasp for safe removal of the plate epithelium in the fistula.

  • Fisturasper® offers different rasp sizes for individual application of various fistula diameter.

  • Fisturasper® is highly flexible, providing optimal treatment of the fistula.



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